News from the Water

  • Announcing Live Water Foundation’s new board member, Nancy Kobel!

    A native of New Jersey and New York, Nancy attended the University of Maryland where she studied aerospace engineering. After graduating, Nancy found her place at NASA and made her move to Maryland official. She worked as an engineer for eleven years, before making a transition into leadership coaching and training after returning to UMD and obtaining a Masters degree.
  • Oyster Cage Build Recap

    Last Wednesday, a group of volunteers made the best out of an otherwise grey and drizzly day by building oyster cages with our collaborator, Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP). New friendships were formed over pizza, music, and a shared love of the Chesapeake Bay. (Plus a couple of Flying Dog Chesapeake Wheat beers -- in addition to being tasty, the proceeds directly benefit ORP!)
  • Veteran Support - We Are Here For You

    The health and wellness of our active military and veterans is a huge concern to us. We strive to better the wellbeing of those we work with whether it be on the water, during a team event or even just a phone call – we are here!

    We are aware that this is an extremely challenging time for many, and we would like to offer our support. If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to us via email at and one of our members will reach out!

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We have a lot happening this Summer & Fall and are looking for volunteers! Come paddle with our local Veteran groups and underserved youth. For those that want to stay on land, you can build oyster cages with us for our new Full-Service Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) Program.

    It is REQUIRED for the Wai Koa (Veteran programs) and Junior Wai Koa (underserved youth programs) you be a seasoned paddler as we will be paddling with those who require extra assistance. Paddling equipment will be provided for you at no cost.
  • Full-Service MGO Program - How to Get Involved

    When we talk about restoring and protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed, we understand it can feel like a daunting task to start contributing. For residents and businesses on the water, Live Water Foundation, in partnership with Severn River Association (SRA) and the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP), have you covered! It’s called Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO). The MGO program is specifically designed so you can help repopulate the Severn River with oysters by growing them on your pier.
  • Kayak Therapy STEM Program Recap

    None of us need to be reminded of how stressful these last eighteen months have been while battling the COVID-19 pandemic. For students, this experience has been especially difficult as they navigate through a period of life that is already challenging. After three months of careful planning, South River High School students Grayson Smith, Jamison Ballard, and Andy Horning, created a kayak therapy program for their classmates as an outlet to deal with the mental health crisis accelerated by the pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote learning.

  • Introducing: Live Water Foundation’s Full Service MGO Program

    We are proud to announce that through a partnership with the Severn River Association, as part of Oyster Recovery Partnership’s project Marylanders Grow Oysters, and with funding secured by the not-for-profit Palmer Foundation, the Live Water Foundation will soon be offering a full-service oyster cage program. We hope that this self-sustainable model will elevate the efforts on behalf of all of these organizations to restore the Chesapeake Bay through oyster recovery.

  • Bay Paddle - Eight Day Race Down the Iconic Chesapeake Bay

    The Live Water Foundation team will be competing in the 1st Annual Bay Paddle - an eight day endurance race down the iconic Chesapeake Bay. Last year, Virginia Beach native and longtime Marylander Chris Hopkinson paddled the length of the Chesapeake bay, solo, by stand up paddleboard. His 240 mile journey spanned nine days, beginning in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and ending in Cape Charles, Virginia. Of the few paddlers known to have attempted the trip, Hopkinson is the first to have accomplished it by stand up paddleboard. His bold trek raised $190,000 for the Oyster Recovery Project (ORP), which helped to plant 100 million oysters!

    Partnered once again with ORP, together with the Chesapeake Conservancy, this year’s Bay Paddle will be an 8 day race with the aspiration of doubling the amount of oysters planted in addition to raising money for the Conservancy’s mission of turning the Bay into a National Park.

  • Eastport Civic Association Grant Announcement!

    We are honored to be chosen by the Eastport Civic Association to receive a grant that will support our Junior Wai Koa program this summer! This specific program will focus on engaging the Eastport Terrace and Harbor House youth in water safety, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and environmental education.
  • Luna Blu Virtual Wine Dinner Recap

    On Sunday, April 28th Luna Blu Ristorante Italiano hosted their Virtual Charity Wine Dinner benefiting the Live Water Foundation. The dinner consisted of four phenomenal courses each paired with exceptional bottles of wine from Alexander Valley Vineyards and a delicious dessert. The event raised $820 which will go towards supporting our underserved youth programs this Summer. 

  • Thank You Letter From A Military Healthcare Professional

    The Live Water Foundation provides free stand up paddleboard lessons and equipment for wounded, ill or injured veterans. This program provides our veterans with the opportunity to learn a sport that will get them out in the community and assist them in regaining and maintaining their physical and mental health.
  • The Capital Gazette Profiles the Live Water Foundation

    It's always exciting to get publicity from the media, especially the local news which reaches our core community. The Live Water Foundation's Vice-President Mary Howser wrote a letter to the Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD's news organization asking for the local community to rally around local non-profits that are bettering our community and to supporting them as we lead into a new year.