News from the Water

  • Bay Paddle - Eight Day Race Down the Iconic Chesapeake Bay

    The Live Water Foundation team will be competing in the 1st Annual Bay Paddle - an eight day endurance race down the iconic Chesapeake Bay. Last year, Virginia Beach native and longtime Marylander Chris Hopkinson paddled the length of the Chesapeake bay, solo, by stand up paddleboard. His 240 mile journey spanned nine days, beginning in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and ending in Cape Charles, Virginia. Of the few paddlers known to have attempted the trip, Hopkinson is the first to have accomplished it by stand up paddleboard. His bold trek raised $190,000 for the Oyster Recovery Project (ORP), which helped to plant 100 million oysters!

    Partnered once again with ORP, together with the Chesapeake Conservancy, this year’s Bay Paddle will be an 8 day race with the aspiration of doubling the amount of oysters planted in addition to raising money for the Conservancy’s mission of turning the Bay into a National Park.