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  • The Texture of Water

    The Texture of Water

    Mindful paddling for a healthier mind and body

    Let your body find its stroke: 

    Do you have physical challenges that you feel would make it difficult to paddle a kayak? Please read this short article. You can develop the techniques you will need to safely bring the freedom and joy of paddling into your life. First, a little setup:

    I have been paddling across this magical bay in Panama 5 days a week for over five years. The title, the texture of water, comes from the view of the water as I paddle on a calm day. Looking across the bay at water level, you see what looks like many rivers running parallel to each other. Each holding water of a different texture on top.

  • Kayak Therapy STEM Program Recap

    None of us need to be reminded of how stressful these last eighteen months have been while battling the COVID-19 pandemic. For students, this experience has been especially difficult as they navigate through a period of life that is already challenging. After three months of careful planning, South River High School students Grayson Smith, Jamison Ballard, and Andy Horning, created a kayak therapy program for their classmates as an outlet to deal with the mental health crisis accelerated by the pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote learning.