News from the Water

  • Giving Tuesday

    Live Water Foundation is a 100% volunteer-based organization that relies entirely on charitable contributions. Our goal is to spend as much time as we can focused on the proper development and implementation of our programs, rather than organizing fundraisers. Giving Tuesday’s mission and reach extends to us an opportunity to elevate our story and broaden our donor base, two key contributors to providing the private funding without which our programs could not run. In 2017, 67% of the donations from Giving Tuesday were from first-time donors.[3] We hope to tap into that incredible potential to increase our ability to continue to provide free services to military veterans and underserved youth, as well as funds for our Chesapeake Bay restoration initiatives.
  • Join Our Board of Directors Team!

    As we enter the final quarter of our fifth year of operations, we’re proud to see our nonprofit organization reach the age where it is officially time to renew some of our board seats! This is an exciting achievement that is meaningful in a couple of ways. Not only does it mean that we’ve been doing something right and have been successfully running our operations for the benchmark we had established in our bylaws, it also signifies an opportunity to grow and evolve, and fill our board with members who are capable of providing new insight and ideas.
  • Volunteer with Live Water Foundation this Summer!

    Our programmatic season has officially begun! This is easily our favorite time of year, but we can’t do it without the help of our amazing volunteers. Live Water Foundation is 100% volunteer-run. Donations go right back into our programs. Thanks to our team and those who volunteer their time to join us, we can execute our Mission.

    There are many reasons to volunteer; it’s a great way to meet new people who share similar interests, it will get you outside and moving on these gorgeous summer days, you’ll get to try new things and even enjoy experiences that other people sometimes have to pay for. On top of that, giving back feels good! We’ve got lots of opportunities for you to join us on our Mission to Inspire and Empower the people and organizations we work with by facilitating watersports programs that improve our communities health, wellness, and environment.

  • Reflecting on our 2021 Programmatic Season

    Each year, the coming of Thanksgiving and the Holidays signal a reminder to reflect on what we are grateful for and what we can do to spread that good feeling. Today, we look back on a season of programs packed with fun, adventure, and positive action. All to foster a community centered around a commitment to environmental stewardship, equitable access to water activity for youth in Annapolis, and serving the people who have so bravely served for us – our military Veterans.
  • We are pleased to welcome Tiffany Butler to Live Water Foundation’s board!

    Tiffany Butler is a homegrown Annapolitan from the community of Parole. She is a lover of all things outdoors, and a self-described ‘water baby’ -- a trait she affectionately says she inherited from her father. “I’m always water-adjacent in one way or another,” says Tiffany.

    She is also a career academic. Currently conquering both a post-master’s certificate in administration supervision at Loyola University and a PhD program in education from George Mason University, Tiffany is also in her fifth year as a biology teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in upper Fells Point, Baltimore.

  • Oyster Cage Build Recap

    Last Wednesday, a group of volunteers made the best out of an otherwise grey and drizzly day by building oyster cages with our collaborator, Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP). New friendships were formed over pizza, music, and a shared love of the Chesapeake Bay. (Plus a couple of Flying Dog Chesapeake Wheat beers -- in addition to being tasty, the proceeds directly benefit ORP!)
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We have a lot happening this Summer & Fall and are looking for volunteers! Come paddle with our local Veteran groups and underserved youth. For those that want to stay on land, you can build oyster cages with us for our new Full-Service Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) Program.

    It is REQUIRED for the Wai Koa (Veteran programs) and Junior Wai Koa (underserved youth programs) you be a seasoned paddler as we will be paddling with those who require extra assistance. Paddling equipment will be provided for you at no cost.