The Live Water Team

We are a dedicated group of paddle enthusiasts who are passionate about giving back to the community by facilitating watersports programs and keeping our waterways clean.

Our Story

Established in 2017, The Live Water Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Annapolis, MD, was formed to expand on the signature community give-back programs of the team at Capital SUP. The Live Water Foundation currently supports three initiatives within the Veteran community, underprivileged and disabled youth, and promoting clean waterways. The Live Water team aspires to create “Positive Vibes” within the Veteran community, inspire underprivileged and disabled youth to become future leaders, to be champions in the enhancement of the waterways in which we paddle, and to inspire a lifestyle of health and wellness through watersports activities.

Leadership & Board of Directors

Victor Ko

Brian Meyer

Co-Founder | President | Board Member

A University of Hawaii graduate, Brian has had a love for the water since he was a kid growing up on the Wicomico River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Brian’s passion for paddling started when he joined a local outrigger club in 2011. He brought his love for paddling back to Maryland after deciding to move back home after a life-changing experience meeting his birth family. Co-Founder & Former CEO of Capital SUP, Brian, and his partners founded Live Water in 2017 to expand on the signature community give-back programs working with Veteran and Youth organizations.
K.a Joben

Mary Howser

Vice President | Board Member

From kayaking around Annapolis at a young age to stand up paddle board racing & instructing the past 7+ years, Mary has always been passionate about water sports and sharing that experience with others. Growing up in Annapolis & realizing the lack of access and opportunities to get out on the water, she's committed to helping everyone have an equal opportunity to enjoy our local waterways.
Richard Bauer

Harold "Scotty" Scott

Treasurer | Board Member

Scotty, a North Carolina native and Annapolis transplant since 2015, has been paddle boarding recreationally for over 10 years and racing since 2016. Since birth, Scotty has spent as much time as possible on and around the water. A lifelong sailor, the sport brought him to Annapolis, but paddling found him when he got there. Always believing that water has a calming effect on the mind and body, he joined LiveWater's mission at the beginning to help others see and feel those positive vibes as well. When not coaching stand up paddle board racing with Capital SUP or working for a Naval non-profit, you will find him traveling as much as possible, hanging out with friends and family, and playing with his black Lab, Mason.
Marin Julia

Mark Sanfacon

Secretary | Board Member

An Eastport resident, Mark’s passion for paddling came from walking over the Eastport bridge one morning and seeing someone on a paddleboard. Inspired by what he saw, Mark overcame personal obstacles; learned to stand up paddleboard; compete in challenging stand-up paddleboard races, and train to be a stand-up paddleboard instructor. From the experience, Mark mentors others to self-actualize their ability to stand up paddleboard.
Marin Julia

Kevin Haigis

Co-Founder | Board Member

“Mr. Positive Vibes” was born in Baltimore and raised in Annapolis MD. As a summer job in 2008, he started working for a valet company downtown where he grew passionate about the history of Annapolis and its waterways. Entrepreneur, CEO of Capital SUP, and leader in the clean water movement. Kevin keeps his time busy but encourages the importance of a healthy work/life balance. He lives by a self-motto that keeps him driven for more realizing anything is possible.
Marin Julia

Mary Zarcone

Board Member

Mother of 2 and “Nana” to 2 beautiful grandchildren. Mary discovered paddle boarding when she was training for the Nashville marathon/ half. She has always been drawn to the water and its beauty. She is humbled by the Warriors who have given so much to our country and give us the opportunity to be a part of their healing. She continues to work with the water education program that involves Live Water's local youth showing them the importance of clean waterways! Giving back living every day with an open heart and mind.
Marin Julia

Chris "Goose" Norman

Co-Founder | Board Member

Coach Chris has devoted his life to fitness, sports, and coaching other athletes. Everyone needs that extra motivation or coaching when trying to reach his or her goals. Coach Chris can push you to new limits and beyond. Now, he coaches at Capital SUP and with the help of other coaches has developed quite the paddleboard race team. The team competes in local races around the Chesapeake and travels to Ocean City, California, and Puerto Rico for competitions. If you are looking to take your paddling to the next level, Coach Chris will get you to where you want to go!
Marin Julia

Amanda Fuhrmann

Board Member

An Annapolis native, Amanda has always had a passion for the water and environment and seeks opportunities to give back to her community. Introduced to our organization while President and Marketing Director of a local philanthropic organization, Amanda and her team selected Live Water Foundation as the 2019 beneficiary for their annual fundraiser, raising over $16,000. A few months later, Amanda joined Live Water, inspired by our mission to bring good vibes to locals through community events while educating the public on clean water initiatives. In no time, she became passionate about paddleboarding and enjoys the opportunity to introduce the sport to friends and family.
Marin Julia

Alex Young

Board Member

Alex joined the Capital SUP race training program three years ago on a whim. The program culminated in a race that coincided with his birthday, so he decided to give it a go. Alex has been addicted to paddle boarding ever since. He loves the whole-body workout, being outside and on the water, and spending time with an incredibly supportive and motivated group of fellow paddlers. Alex was thrilled when asked to serve on the Live Water Foundation board in 2019, and uses it as a way to share his passion for paddling and service to LWF’s programs and initiatives.
Marin Julia

Jeff Sanfacon

Board Member

Jeff was introduced to standup paddle boarding through the lens of his camera while photographing paddlers on Spa Creek near his home in Eastport. After getting to know some of these paddlers, he was eventually persuaded to get on the water. Five years later, he’s still on a board, training and competing in races. He values this tremendously supportive and welcoming community whose members continue to inspire, encourage, and challenge others to test their limits.
Marin Julia

Paul Fowler

Board Member

Paul’s passion for paddling began with a visit to Capital SUP after an invite from a veteran organization called Team RWB (Red White and Blue). After his first time on a paddleboard, Paul instantly understood the connection for many of Live Water’s Wai Koa program; “I was at home, and everything was peaceful, Zen like even if just for that hour out on the water.” Paul has since grown in paddleboarding and now participates in paddleboard racing, and train to be a stand-up paddleboard instructor. Wanting to share his passion, Paul enjoys introducing others to paddleboarding; the benefits it provides both mentally and physically; and the importance of taking care of our water for the generations to come.
Marin Julia

Marisa Sames

Assistant Director of Finance & Marketing @ Compass Advocacy

Marisa is the Assistant Director of Finance & Marketing at Compass Advocacy located in Annapolis, MD. Her role with Compass is to work with nonprofit clients of Compass Public Relations in marketing, fundraising (donations, grant writing, and events), program development, volunteer coordination, and other tasks they need assistance with. In addition, Marisa handles the bookkeeping and in-house marketing/ website development for the other two entities associated with Compass Advocacy: Compass Government Relations and Compass Law Partners. During her free time, Marisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on hikes, and playing board games.

The Team in Action

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." - Napoleon Hill

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